In Memory of Sydney Aiello

SydneyAielloWe see the mind-numbing number of people killed by guns and fight over whether or not we need to do something.

We usually never hear about the survivors.

We turn our attention away from fixing the problems, because it’s easier to call each other names and binge on Netflix.

In the middle of our OK Corral are American children who go to school every day wondering if today will be the day. Their parents fear getting the call or hearing the news that there is an active shooter, and those who go to work are required to drill for active shooter scenarios.

We have done this to ourselves and we should be ashamed.

We need to stop calling each other liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans, the right and the left, I’m going to heaven and you’re not, the haves and the have nots, gays or people who have family values, red states versus blue states… What did I miss?

Let’s get it/us together and stay focused on all that we share in common. United we stand. Divided we fall. We are falling. Let’s see if we can get up.

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